Evidence-Based Products

We have more than 40 years of experience conducting evidence-based professional learning. We offer professional learning solutions to meet the educational needs of teachers and leaders in local, state, and federal entities, charter schools, foundations, and private organizations.

Our professional services provide tools and strategies that leaders and teachers can use to support student educational development and school improvement efforts. We provide participants with usable knowledge about organizational structures and instructional practices that benefit school leaders, teachers, and community members interested in improving student education.

Professional services can range from one-day training to three-day institutes. These services can be provided in person or virtually. For more information on any of our services, please give us a call at (800) 762-5001.

Sustainability of Educational Initiatives

Approximately two thirds of schools that begin reform initiatives do not sustain their efforts after the funding is eliminated. One of the root causes seems to be little or no practical planning for monitoring the implementation and progress of these initiatives. Drawing on years of experience providing technical assistance implementing and sustaining research-based practices within federal initiatives in every state, we present a solution for sustaining effective initiatives at state, district, and school levels.
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Literacy Foundational Skills: Phonemic Awareness and Phonics

Students who do not read proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to leave high school without a diploma than proficient readers. Foundational skills instruction is vital to preparing our students to be able to read and comprehend text. Our early literacy institute provides professional learning and technical assistance to teachers to strengthen early literacy development in Pre-K through third Grade students.

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Literacy Coaching: An Introductory Guide for K-3 Reading Coaches

This coaching institute builds introductory knowledge about the role of the coach and how to utilize the coaching position to strengthen teachers’ instructional practices that support student reading achievement. Our institute provides in-depth information on areas critical to reading success for which the principal, coach, and literacy team have primary responsibility.

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Literacy Coaching: Advanced Training for Reading Coaches

Advanced Training for Coaches is designed to provide experienced coaches with professional development that will assist them in becoming experts in their singular role to provide professional support to teachers in instruction. Coaches will reflect upon their knowledge gained in the field while learning to refine and strengthen their coaching skills to more effectively provide support for improved teaching practices.

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Literacy Leadership Institute

Strong school and district leaders are vital to improving student literacy. We offer you the solution for turning around elementary and middle schools that are striving to meet the literacy needs of all students. Learn how to lead and facilitate the implementation of literacy changes that will support the turn-around efforts in your school. The institute provides in-depth information on areas critical to reading success for which the principal and leadership team have primary responsibility.

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Customized One-Day Workshops

RMC Tampa offers a wide range of services in the area of literacy, from pre-K through grade 12. Our understanding of evidence-based reading instruction, research-based reading assessments, and reading research enables us to assist clients in the analysis, interpretation, implementation, and evaluation of high quality literacy programs. We work closely with states, districts and schools to implement effective literacy programs. Our professional development services are research-based and integrate our knowledge of adult learners.
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Response to Intervention

Strong schools where each child can meet and exceed his or her academic potential are vital. We offer you solutions for providing early, systematic, and appropriately intensive interventions for students who may be at risk of not achieving in reading or mathematics. We provide guidance on how to plan evidence-based practices for struggling students within a system of school improvement. We provides in-depth information on areas critical to academic success.

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