Performance Assessment

Replace, Don’t Add On: Giving Performance Assessment a Chance

Despite increased interest in instructional and assessment innovation, change has been difficult for many local educators because many well-intended initiatives have placed added burdens on them – additional requirements in terms of time and effort. One goal of educational reform is to change the way some teachers and students spend their time – to get…

Re-Balancing Assessment for Learning and Accountability

School reform efforts intended to raise achievement levels of US students are not new. Recent initiatives mandating student academic growth and punishing educators whose students collectively have not demonstrated adequate yearly progress have not worked. They have not led to improved instructional practice and student motivation to learn, which are so critical to student learning….

Interim Assessments and ESSA

In the name of flexibility and innovation, ESSA allows the use of interim assessments, the results of which would be aggregated for purposes of ESSA accountability. However, there are good arguments for why both general achievement measures used multiple times during the school year and benchmark tests covering recently taught material would be poor choices…