Violence Prevention

A Comprehensive Longitudinal Study of School Violence and the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Root Causes and Consequences of and Implications for Restorative Justice Approaches

Agency: National Institute of Justice

RMC Research, with support from the Oregon Youth Authority and the Oregon Department of Education, is conducting a study using an existing dataset that includes 14 cohorts of students between Kindergarten and Grade 12 (estimated at 1,343,591 students) and 10–12 staff at two Oregon high schools that experienced a school shooting.

Student Assistance Prevention and Intervention Services Program

Agency: Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction

RMC Research conducts annual, multisite evaluations of the Student Assistance Prevention and Intervention Services Program, Washington State’s initiative to support substance abuse prevention and intervention services in public schools across the state.

Safe Schools/Healthy Students National Evaluation 2010-2012

Agency: MANILA Consulting Group, Inc.

RMC Research, under 2 consecutive contracts beginning in 2005, teamed with MANILA Consulting Group and Battelle Centers for Public Health Research and Evaluation to conduct the national evaluation of the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative, a federal grant program that supports communities and schools to improve the safety and well-being of students through the integration of the education, mental health, social services, law enforcement, and juvenile justice systems at the local level.