RMC Concludes the Evaluation for MMRE (Making Mathematical Reasoning Explicit)

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RMC Research just concluded the evaluation of Making Mathematical Reasoning Explicit (MMRE), an 8 year project funded by the National Science Foundation. This project trained 64 teacher leaders, offered 332 professional development events to 540 educators for a total 31,627 contact hours. Here are some highlights of the evaluation finding:
MMRE had a positive effect in the following areas:

  • Teachers’ knowledge—MMRE significantly increased teachers’ mathematical content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, and ability to make mathematical justifications.
  • Teachers’ practices—MMRE significantly increased teachers’ use of mathematical justifications in their classroom. Teachers described the project as transformative and reported that participating in MMRE led them to implement student led classrooms with an increased focus on conceptual understanding.
  • Students—MMRE significantly increased students’ use of mathematical justifications and ability to make correct mathematical claims (measured via project-based pre-post student assessment).
  • Schools/districts—MMRE teachers became instructional leaders that led professional development for their colleagues. A total of 306 school based professional development sessions were conducted by teacher leaders from 2012 through 2016.
MMRE in the news: