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School and District Improvement

RMC has provided high quality technical assistance and professional development for school and district improvement efforts at the federal, state, and local levels for over 30 years. Priority reform efforts, including those stemming from Race to the Top, the School Improvement Grant program, and ESEA Flexibility waivers, have provided the company with an opportunity to continue to support federal, state, and local education agencies in improving underperforming schools and districts.

Services We Provide

Understanding that stakeholders have various needs, under School and District Improvement, we provide each stakeholder group with the following services:

Stated Education Agencies

  • Develop written policy and informational briefs which support thought partnering, policy creation, and advisement.
  • Develop design and delivery of professional development to build capacity to support turnaround efforts.
  • Synthesize the latest research to advise policymakers and education professionals on ways to improve instruction and student learning.

District and Schools

  • Provide professional development and technical assistance to achieve higher standards of educational quality and accountability.
  • Facilitate a quality review process that identifies key areas for improvement, thus ensuring educational excellence for practitioners and students.
  • Provide assistance in developing school improvement plans and measuring progress; modifying school schedules for improvement purposes; strengthening teacher effectiveness; and implementing Title I school-wide programs at the elementary and secondary levels.

To learn more about our area of expertise, School and District Improvement, and its core competencies, please click the link below:

Corporate Capability Statement: School and District Improvement