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Innovations in Learning

Our New York office specializes in emerging Innovations in Learning. We are able to provide support in the implementation of programs relating to online and blended learning and all other emerging technologies impacting education today.

Services We Provide

Understanding that stakeholders have various needs, under the Innovations in Learning expertise we provide each stakeholder group with the following services:


  • Host a series of discussions, facilitated by experts in the field of Educational Technology research and practice, through webinar forums to explore the following key issues and challenges in the implementation of online and blended learning and the use of other emerging technology.
  • Organize an educational online network of parents and teachers to create a database of goals and strategies to meet student needs and improve communication at all levels.
  • Develop an implementation around new and emerging educational technologies that the school would like to use to meet 21st century learning goals.
  • Host summits that bring leaders in conversation with each other to discuss next generation education and decisions that need to be made to make sure our children are ready for the future.
  • Provide access to vendors who will offer services in innovative assessments and individualized and self-paced learning for students.


  • Design self-paced teacher professional development courses.
  • Train teachers to meet needs of diverse learners.
  • Deliver online workshops to train teachers in Integration of Technology within the Curriculum to meet learning needs across subject areas and grade levels.


  • Provide curriculum resources to supplement learning in schools.
  • Train students to use new technology tools introduced in the schools.
  • Provide opportunities to expand knowledge and collaborate with global peers.


  • Design self-paced online courses to help support student learning.
  • Develop resources to build their capacity to engage effectively in their child’s education.
  • Community development to support the sustainability and scalability of the initiative.

To learn more about our area of expertise, Innovations in Learning, and its core competencies, please click the link below:
Corporate Capability Statement: Innovations in Learning