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Family and Community Engagement

RMC believes that parents are their children’s first teacher. Because of this belief, RMC values meaningful partnership among families, communities, and schools to support student achievement. We work with states, school districts, and schools to build their capacity for engaging families and communities. We help our clients to understand the federal requirements on parental involvement, and to carry out strategies that engage families and community agencies in participating with schools.

Services We Provide

Understanding that stakeholders have various needs, under our Family and Community Engagement expertise we provide each stakeholder group with the following services:


  • Provide technical assistance, research, and implementation assistance to state and district level administrators about incorporating family engagement in school turnaround plans.
  • Provide technical assistance and research around development of family engagement policies.


  • Provide teachers with professional development courses on how to engage families in student learning.


  • Provide opportunities for students to be a part of their learning opportunities.
  • Develop resources and trainings for students to better understand the role their parents, families, and communities play in their learning and development.


  • Develop parent academy, online or face to face, to increase parents’ ability to support student academic, social, and emotional development.
  • Make connections with community groups to provide and enhance supplemental resources.

To learn more about our area of expertise, Family and Community Engagement, and its core competencies, please click the link below:
Corporate Capability Statement: Family and Community Engagement