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Educator Effectiveness

Our school leaders have an incredible impact in the lives of children. It is RMC’s belief that every child deserves a competent and effective teacher. We support states, school districts, and schools in planning for and developing the highest quality teachers and principals.

Services We Provide

Understanding that stakeholders have various needs, under Educator Effectiveness expertise we provide each stakeholder group with the following services:


  • Provide research on effective educational practices of highly qualified school teachers and leaders.
  • Develop communities of learning around various issues including teacher and principal evaluation.


  • Provide professional development on high quality teaching practices.
  • Provide corrective action to teachers and leaders in the field.


  • Provide training on teacher and leader evaluation systems.
  • Develop tools and resources for parents to better understand teacher quality.

To learn more about our area of expertise, Educator Effectiveness, and its core competencies, please click the link below:

Corporate Capability Statement: Educator Effectiveness