Webinar on State Approaches for Reporting on Teacher Preparation Program Performance (Oct 13)

As part of REL Central’s webinar series on research and evaluation in teacher preparation, RMC Research developed the upcoming (October 13, 2015) webinar: Reporting on Teacher Preparation Program Performance: A Look at State Approaches.

States in the Central Region and elsewhere are making changes to how they report and share data in efforts to evaluate and continually improve teacher preparation programs. This webinar will focus on issues related to the reporting and use of teacher preparation program evaluation results. Attendees will learn about activities in two states that report teacher preparation program outcome data. Representatives from state education agencies and teacher preparation programs in Kentucky and Missouri-states that have systems for regular collection and reporting of these data will discuss their experiences.Presenters include:

• Gale “Hap” Hairston, Director, Educator Preparation, Office of Educator Quality, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
• David Hough, Dean, Missouri State University, College of Education
• Kim Walters-Parker, Director, Division of Educator Preparation, Kentucky Educational Professional Standards Board
• Terry Hibpshman, Researcher Analyst, Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board

Facilitators include:
• Stephen Meyer, REL Central
• Emma Espel, REL Central

How to join . . .
Reporting on Teacher Preparation Program Performance: A Look at State Approaches.
Tuesday, October 13, 2015
1:00-2:30 pm (Mountain), 2:00-3:30 pm (Central)
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