2017 – 2019

Working with the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Central at Marzano Research, RMC Research conducted a study of rural and nonrural teacher retention, mobility, and attrition in four states. The study used administrative data for 2015/16–2016/17 provided by the state education agencies in Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota to identify the proportion of teachers who remained in a classroom teaching position in the same school (stayers), transferred to a classroom teaching position in a different school or district (movers), or took a nonteaching position or left their state public school system (leavers) by state, rural and nonrural setting, and district. Analyses disaggregated stayers, movers, and leavers by subtypes as well, examining the proportions of stayers who had the same grade-level assignment compared with those who had a different grade-level assignment, the proportions of movers who remained in the same district compared with those who transferred to a different district, and the proportions of leavers who took a nonteaching position in their state public school system compared with those who left their state public school system, all by rural and nonrural setting and state. Analyses also explore the teacher, school, and district characteristics that are related to teacher mobility and attrition in rural and nonrural settings. The study is expected to result in two nationally disseminated reports.