Student Adaptive Pedagogy – Sharing What We Are Learning

On April 2, Dr. John Sutton and Dr. Xin Wang co-presented at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Research Conference in San Antonio, TX, with Dr. Heather Johnson, Dr. Ron Tzur, and Amber Gardner, all from the University of Colorado Denver a session titled, Developing written, prompt sensitive measures of multiplicative reasoning. The presentation described the project, Student-Adaptive Pedagogy for Elementary Teachers (AdPed): Promoting multiplicative and Fractional reasoning to improve students’ preparedness for middle school mathematics (NSF #1503206). The session provided insights into the design, development, and refines of a student measure that demonstrates student understanding of multiplicative reasoning. Conference participants had the opportunity to become familiar with the measure, and offer insights and suggestions into further applications and refinements of the measure for multiple audiences and purposes. For additional information on the AdPed project, please go to