The Denver office of RMC Research Corporation is working with the University of Colorado Denver in the evaluation their STEM CLUSTERS project. This project has undertaken a novel investigation that studies the impact of developing and coordinating K-12 outreach, specifically organizing middle and high school STEM Clubs, on undergraduate STEM majors’ learning, metacognition, and communication skills. Under graduate STEM CLUSTERS, participants are trained to become Outreach Fellows who are involved in the planning and execution of STEM Clubs at five schools. Outreach Fellows attend a training workshop along with a communications class to prepare them for their roles in the STEM Clubs. Teams of Outreach Fellows are paired with a Graduate Facilitator, University Faculty Mentor and Lead Teacher, to ensure that Outreach Fellows receive appropriate mentorship. Each team of Outreach Fellows plan activities for clubs that met 8-10 times over a semester and write reflective summaries of these experiences. Twelve Outreach Fellows participated in the program during the 2015-2016 school year. These Outreach Fellows were involved in planning and organizing STEM clubs activities such as building competitive hydrogen fuel cell cars, building model bridges, working with circuits, and the chemistry of baking.