RMC Research Drills Down on Essential Mathematics Skills

Research indicates that there are some skills that are difficult to develop on your own—you probably need a good teacher to grow in certain areas. One of these areas is learning fractions, another is learning algebra. Without assistance, these skills are not going to develop and persist.[1] Of course, there are other skills that must be mastered to understand fractions, such as number sense. Through several projects, RMC Research uses its evidence-based expertise to develop an understanding of how educators are providing the instruction needed for learning progressions that lead to skill development in these critical mathematics skills, including number sense, fluency, estimation, fractions, algebraic thinking, and spatial reasoning.

[1] Duncan, G. J., Bailey, D., & Yu, W. (2015, March). Fadeout in human capital interventions: death, miracles, and resurrection. Opening Address, Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE) Annual Meeting, Washington, DC. Retrieved from https://www.sree.org/conferences/2015s/program/#openingaddress