RMC Research Diagnostic Reviews 2017

RMC Research was selected by the Colorado Department of Education as an approved contractor for conducting diagnostic reviews and recently conducted these reviews in nine schools for the Aurora Public Schools. Reviews entail 3-4 day visits by an experienced team who analyzes practices using  the Colorado Standards and Indicators for Continuous School Improvement, School Level Standards and Indicators (rev. June 2015). www.cde.state.co.us/FedPrograms

RMC Research customizes its diagnostic reviews to align with state and local standards. The Colorado diagnostic audit includes measurement of Standards and Instructional Planning; Best First Instruction; Assessment of and for Learning; Tiered Support; Leadership; Culture and Climate; Educator Effectiveness; and Continuous Improvement. The reviews collect evidence from each indicator that defines the standard and each of the descriptors that comprise the indicator and standard. We aggregate evidence to provide a rating on each for the indicator and standard as a whole. RMC Research also aligns its work with district standards and priorities. For example, before conducting diagnostic reviews for the Aurora Public Schools, RMC Research staff met with Aurora leaders to ensure understanding and alignment with district priorities and policies and added rubrics to ensure close alignment. RMC added rubrics to address the tiered support approach being used in the district, along with a rubric that specifically addressed identification of students for special education using the district’s updated RtI/MTSS approach. For more information or to schedule a diagnostic review for your school or district, please contact Dr. Shelley H. Billig – billig@rmcres.com.