Resources for Experiment Planning

RMC Denver serves partners in state and local education agencies as well as institutes of higher education. A common goal of these partnerships is to design high quality, methodologically rigorous research that generalizes to populations of interest. We’d like to share some resources with you! At a recent workshop on Cluster Randomized Trials, put on by the Institute of Education Sciences, handy resources for designing experiments were shared with Emma Espel from RMC Denver.

• The Generalizer is a tool to support education researchers in defining and recruiting a sample based on the population of interest. Find it here:

8 27 2015

• The Variance Almanac (VA) of Academic Achievement is a compendium of K-12 national U.S. datasets. It provides users with measures including intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC) to indicate the degree to which student outcomes vary based on differences between schools. The information found in this database is key to calculating statistical power. Check it out at

8 27 2015 a