Nevada Native Youth Community Project

The evaluation of the Nevada Native Youth Community Project (NYCP) is a mixed methods formative and summative evaluation being conducted by staff from the RMC Tampa and Denver offices. The evaluation is designed to assess program impacts on students, parents/guardians, and community members associated with three schools: Yerington Intermediate School and Yerington High School in the Lyon County School District and McDermitt Combined School in the Humboldt County School District.

The use of surveys, interviews, and focus groups will provide detailed information about services and events implemented by the NYCP and respondents’ perceptions of relevance, quality, and impact; program satisfaction; factors that facilitate and impede success; and areas for improvement.

Survey, interview, and focus group protocols have been developed in conjunction with Nevada Department of Education (NDE) staff and will be used to collect data from students, parents/guardians, community members, school administrators, program staff, and other site staff. Test score analysis will be conducted on Smarter Balanced Math/English Language Arts (ELA) assessment data for 7th and 8th graders and ACT assessment data for 11th graders collected by the district and state.

Data on school attendance rates, graduation rates, academic learning plans, AP class participation, AP test scores, and GPA will be shared by the district and state and analyzed for the report. The number of student applications to colleges and/or trade schools will be tracked by the project and reported in the study. Student and parent/guardian participation in NYCP services, activities, and events will be tracked by the project and reported in the study.

The American Indian (AI) population in Nevada makes up about 1% of the total population, but has been disproportionately impacted by higher than average rates of poverty, substance abuse, low academic proficiency, and dropouts. To fully prepare AI students for college and career, Nevada created the NYCP. The project will have three major aspects: 1) Provide 7th – 12th grade AI students with intensive counseling; 2) Engage parents and families through community instructors; and 3) Involve tribal communities through outreach events. The State will use data from the demonstration sites to implement best practices and lessons learned throughout the rest of the state.