Measuring Research: A Guide to Research Evaluation Frameworks and Tools

Document Introduction: The AAMC asked RAND Europe to conduct a detailed synthesis of existing and previously proposed frameworks and indicators used to evaluate research. The purpose of this review is to stimulate debate among US policymakers and the leadership of US medical schools and teaching hospitals on how best to measure the outcomes of research and ultimately account to US taxpayers and others for the returns on their investment in research.

The review also aims to provide a guide to the key considerations that need to be taken into account when developing approaches to research evaluation, to be used as a resource by research funders, managers and policymakers.

The work builds on a previous RAND Europe review commissioned by the Canadian Academy of Health Research in 2008 (Brutscher, Wooding & Grant, 2008); see also CAHS (2009a). The aim of this current report is to update and develop the CAHS review. Specifically the objectives of the project are to:

€ Identify frameworks.
€ Provide an overview and assessment of frameworks in use for research evaluation.
€ Identify the research evaluation tools applied to those frameworks.
€ Outline the considerations that need to be taken into account when developing a research evaluation approach, and the trade-offs that need to be made between different characteristics.
€ Provide a guide to developing a research evaluation framework that can be used in a range of circumstances.
€ Stimulate a wider debate on research evaluation in the US and internationally.

Author: RAND Europe

Measuring Research