Longitudinal Learning of Viable Argument in Mathematics for Adolescents (LLAMA) funded by National Science Foundation to examine 8th grade mathematics teaching and learning with and through viable argumentation

As a joint effort of University of Idaho (UI) and RMC Research Corporation (RMC), the LLAMA project received a four-year grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) (#1621438) within the Discovery Research K-12 (DRK-12) Learning Strand in September 2016. This study will develop and examine an instructional intervention that combines a learning progression and the practice of teaching and learning with and through viable argumentation. The intervention seeks to improve students’ abilities to construct viable arguments and critique the arguments of others.  The goals of LLAMA are to contribute to the knowledge base by demonstrating the effectiveness of the LLAMA intervention and to contribute to the knowledge base of student mathematical learning. Dr. David Yopp serves as the Principal Investigator for this important research and development initiative to develop, implement, and evaluate the LLAMA intervention based on a review of current research. This project builds upon the work of his NSF DRK-12 exploratory study, Learning Algebra and Methods for Proving (LAMP), in which a well-specified theory, intervention, and collection of materials were developed. Joining Dr. Yopp as Co-Principal Investigators are Dr. Rob Ely and Anne E. Adams also from University of Idaho, along with Ms. Chandra Lewis, Dr. Xin Wang, and Dr. Emma Espel from RMC Research Corporation. The RMC researchers will conduct an experimental research study of the LLAMA intervention to address its impact on student achievement. For an introduction to the project, click here <http://www.uidaho.edu/sci/math/llama>