Longitudinal Evaluation of Noyce Science Teachers to Determine Sources of Effective Teaching (LENST)

The National Science Foundation has funded Noyce projects to promote high quality science and mathematics teaching in high-needs schools since 2002. Funding is provided for a number of different types of projects, from scholarships for pre-service undergraduate teachers to stipends for in-service teachers to receive a Master’s degree with teaching certification. Participants in the programs develop rich content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge with this additional financial support; in turn, they agree to serve in high needs schools upon their degree completion or program completion.

The Denver Office of RMC Research is contracting with the University of Nebraska- Lincoln to conduct an evaluation of their Track 1, Phase 2, Noyce grant funded through the National Science Foundation. The project, Longitudinal Evaluation of Noyce Science Teachers to Determine Sources of Effective Teaching (LENST) builds on a well-established Masters in Science Teaching (MaST) program established through a Noyce Track 1, Phase 1 grant targeting science majors who have completed an undergraduate program and are looking to become teachers through a career change or an extension of their undergraduate experience. While the Noyce program has been around since 2002, few projects have been able to document longitudinal outcomes of their programs due to limitations such as small sample sizes and lack of comparison groups. The LENST project presents a unique opportunity to gather data from up to seven cohorts of participants in the MaST program as well as a comparison group of students who completed the traditional undergraduate teacher preparation program at UNL to understand the impact of the program on teacher practice, self-efficacy for teaching science, beliefs about teaching and learning, leadership practices, and impacts on student and teacher content knowledge. Find out more about the program here: http://cehs.unl.edu/tlte/masters-degree-teaching-certification/#MAst

RMC Research is conducting an evaluation of the research to provide formative and summative feedback to project staff around the extent to which research questions are being addressed appropriately and dissemination efforts are reaching intended audiences. A series of mini-reports will be produced to ensure the project team receives feedback in an ongoing and timely manner.