Jennifer joined RMC Research in Denver (CO) in 2015 as a Research Associate. She brings 11 years of Cognitive Psychology training combined with education research experience. Jennifer’s areas of expertise include advanced quantitative analysis, educational technology, instrument development, literacy strategies, natural language processing, psychometrics, and research methodology. Her responsibilities have included literature reviews, production of reports, quantitative analysis, and survey design. Jennifer has been a team member on numerous projects including the Madison Metropolitan School District Advanced Learning Evaluation, the New America Schools, Ricardo Flores Magon Academy, and Aurora Public Schools audits, the Regional Education Laboratory (REL) Central, and The Texas Comprehensive Center Accountability for Educator Preparation Programs project. She was also involved with the Technical Evaluation Assistance in Mathematics and Science (TEAMS) project and has completed literature reviews for clients on topics such as teacher recruitment and retention and social emotional learning. Jennifer completed her PhD in Cognitive Psychology at Arizona State University in 2015. She holds her MS in General Psychology (University of Memphis) with a focus in Cognitive Psychology, Learning, and Statistics. She also holds a Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Science from the University of Memphis. Jennifer received her BS in Psychology and BA in Archaeology and History from Lycoming College Williamsport (PA) in 2007.