2018 – Present

Junior Achievement of Georgia developed the Academy for Entrepreneurship and Business, now known as 3DE, to help high school students develop the leadership and entrepreneurial skills needed for success in the global economy. The school-within-a-school model is implemented through a collaborative partnership with Banneker High School, business partners, and the community, where students engage in real-world problem-solving focused on relevant business challenges. The model is designed to promote learning and mindsets that will prepare students to navigate whichever college, career, or military options that they may pursue. Students are supported in their acquisition of competencies and dispositions that foster creativity and innovation, cultural agility, self-direction, collaboration, engaging communication, and critical and analytic thinking. The first 4-year cohort for 3DE at Banneker High School is slated to graduate in the spring of 2019. RMC Research is conducting a longitudinal study to examine the implementation of the model and outcomes for participants, including students, teachers, administrators, business partners, and the school as a whole. The evaluation will also document the evolution of the program over time, including lessons learned and recommendations for improvement and short- and longer-term outcomes for student and teacher participants. This study uses a mixed-method, quasi-experimental design using qualitative data collected from interviews and focus groups and quantitative achievement data received from the Fulton County School District (GA) to examine the program impact on all participating constituents.