Evaluating Research through the Noyce Program: Longitudinal Evaluation of Noyce Science Teachers to Determine Sources of Effective Teaching (LENST)

RMC Research continues to provide evaluation support for National Science Foundation (NSF) funded Noyce projects. An evaluation of Longitudinal Evaluation of Noyce Science Teachers to Determine Sources of Effective Teaching (LENST) with the University of Nebraska- Lincoln was most recently added to our Noyce portfolio. Principal Investigator Dr. Elizabeth Lewis leads this project. LENST is designed to identify effective strategies to recruit and prepare high quality science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teachers. To meet project objectives, LENST provides stipends for secondary science pre-service teachers. It is designed to systematically collect and utilize data to inform effectiveness of teacher preparation strategies and outcomes over time. A unique feature this partnership is the opportunity to evaluate the research activities as well as the program activities. RMC Research does this by incorporating evaluation questions into the design such as: to what extent are all research questions addressed by the analysis? To answer this question, we will review the project data, methodology, and documents as well as conduct interviews and focus groups with project leaders and other stakeholders. RMC Research and LENST have just begun to work together, so keep an eye out to see what unfolds.

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