2012 – 2013

Junior Achievement (JA) Our Region® introduces elementary school students to entrepreneurship, the ways that entrepreneurs use resources to produce goods and services in a community, and how to solve problems by weighing the associated risks and rewards. RMC Research conducted a summative evaluation of JA Our Region® in eight JA areas across the US. The evaluation employed a mixed-method, quasi-experimental design to provide evidence of program impact on students’ gain in knowledge, skills, and changes in attitudes; generate feedback including information about program strengths; and provide information on program relevance and participant satisfaction. Respondents reported that JA Our Region® sessions were delivered in one day, in a week, or during multiple weeks across JA sites. High ratings of program quality were received from students, teachers, and volunteers. Students’ content knowledge of entrepreneurship improved as a result of participating in JA Our Region®. Data from interviews and focus groups identified additional benefits related to student career aspirations. Implementation challenges focused on the role of the teacher in reinforcing JA curricula.