Academic Parent-Teacher Teams

Family engagement in the school has been shown to be beneficial to both the school and the student.  There are many ways parents can be involved at their child’s school, however, what opportunities are there for parents who work or don’t speak English?  The Academic Parent-Teacher Teams (APTT) addresses these issues.  Implemented in a high ELL and FRL school district in Phoenix, AZ, the APTT replaces the traditional parent-teacher conferences with three classroom team meetings, and one individual parent-teacher meeting.  This program seeks to engage parents in their children’s learning by working with them to strengthen and support their child’s academic skills outside of the school.  Parents become familiar with their child’s assessment data, with help from the teacher, and they also practice activities that can be done with their children at home.  Parents are able to network with each other, have a complete understanding of where their children are academically, and learn techniques to work with their children.  Evidence of effectiveness include an increase in the number of teachers participating in this program, an increase in both parents attending the team meetings and understanding their child’s academic performance, and short-term academic gains in APTT classrooms.  For more information on this new way of parent-teacher conferencing, see