A Rubric for Rating Webinar Quality

Professional development programs for teachers sometimes rely on online presentations or webinars to deliver the training content. Webinars are a great tool for reducing barriers to participation by freeing up travel time and costs, but the lack of a physical presence can also present some unique challenges, compared with in-person training events. Often, evaluations of webinars focus on participant satisfaction as the primary indicator of webinar quality. While participant satisfaction is certainly very important, there is more that could be said about the quality of a webinar. Just as evaluations of curricular materials and in-person teaching make use of rubrics aligned with quality standards, the TEAMS project has developed a webinar evaluation rubric, aligned with best practices, which can enhance the quality and rigor of the evaluation of webinars. Ratings on the rubric provide an additional source of information about webinar quality for evaluating projects that rely on webinars as a major program activity. Additionally, the rubric may serve as a set of guidelines or planning checklist for project staff during the preparation phase of webinar activities, as described in the accompanying user’s guide. To learn more about the new TEAMS webinar rubric, take a look at the archived TEAMS webinar that provides an overview of best practices for enhancing participant engagement in webinars and shows the rubric in action with a number of illustrative examples from actual archived webinars.