Approximately two-thirds of schools that begin reform initiatives do not sustain their reform efforts after the funding is eliminated. One of the root causes seems to be little or no planning for monitoring the implementation and progress of the program. Based on years of technical assistance in implementing and sustaining research based practices with federal initiatives in every state, RMC Research Corporation offers you the solution for sustaining effective initiatives at state, district, and school levels.

RMC offers two 1½-day institutes that build knowledge about sustainability and include customized activities to help participants design the organizational structures and supports that will sustain your most effective initiatives. These institutes provide in-depth understanding of sustainability concepts, up-to-date reviews of the characteristics of districts and schools that have been successful in sustaining programs, and step-by-step strategies for sustaining efforts. Participants will leave with practical tools to develop a sustainability plan at state, district, and/or school levels.

RMC Research Corporation can also assist with the review and evaluation of the implementation of your initiative to help you determine the best path to sustainability. Contact us for more information.

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